Separate Baptist Preacher-Boy Manual - Volume 2

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Preparatory Manuals for the Novice: Volume 2 continues a brief overview of American Baptist History, Basics in Sermon Preparation, Character Lessons, Brief Theological Primer

A veteran Baptist preacher informed me that he was resigning his pulpit in favor of a younger man. The old preacher had founded his church and for 30 years held forth the word of God. Now a young man had accepted the call to his church. The young man informed the old man that his first order of business was to drop the name "Baptist" off of the church. The young man showed his ignorance, and we who instruct such men are to be blamed.

An instructor from a large notable Baptist college informed me that he challenged a large number of "preacher-boys" to submit sermon outlines for the instructor to judge. The five best outlines would entitle the authors to preach in a special chapel service. Out of hundreds of preacher-boys, only a handful even bothered to hand in the outlines. Those young men showed their lack of initiative and we who instruct such young men are to be blamed.

These are the reasons we began the Separate-Baptist Preacher-boy Society: To instruct and set on fire a new band of fire-brands, who with character and the fire of God could chase sinners and see the hand of God upon their ministries; and to instruct a new generation of Baptist preachers to fully know their doctrine, heritage and practice.

We want to make available to you the manuals we use to instruct our preacher-boys. If you purchase the manual Prairie Fire Press grants you permission to freely copy it for your preacher-boys. So if you have 3 young men or 30, the manual can be copied (for your church only) at no extra charge for your novice preachers.--James Beller

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