America in Crimson Red - Book

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James Beller's Historical Narrative on the history of the Baptists in America.

What Others are Saying About 
America in Crimson Red

"Like Jeremiah, James Beller writes like a man with a fire shut up in his bones. More than a martyrology, it is an exciting, comprehensive, and readable survey."  Dr. Robert Dalton, Crown College, Knoxville, Tennessee.

"I found this to be an excellent and extremely informative a book of great interest for all. Not only a book of history, but a book of warnings for all of us in this present day." Dr. Lee Roberson, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

"All those who respect and honor the memory of their forefathers, will pay close attention to this great recounting of facts which have all too often been allowed to rest in obscurity." James B. Sightler, M.D. Greenville, South Carolina.

"A must read for every Baptist." Jeffrey Faggart, Harvest Baptist Church, President, Baptist History Preservation Society. Kannapolis, North Carolina.

"This is a work that has long been needed, it is in depth, and gives great clarity regarding our Baptist heritage in America." Dr. Mark Rasmussen, West Coast Baptist College.

"A colossal piece of work! Your handling of Roger Williams was quite good and probably superb." Dr. Wendell Evans, Hyles-Anderson College.

"The wonderful America in Crimson Red is well-done! It is tragic that so little attention has been paid to our glorious history. I know that your volume will be blessed of God to many hearts and lives." Dr. David Cummins, Baptist World Missions Decatur, Alabama, Author of This Day in Baptist History.

"The book captured my attention. I could not put it down. Bro. Beller is one of the finest historians of our day and did a tremendous job tracing our Godly heritage and our Baptist roots in America-A must read." Dr. Dennis Corle, Evangelist, Editor: Revival Fires! Claysburg, Pennsylvania.

"America in Crimson Red by James Beller contains a wealth of information about our Baptist heritage. Books like this can help us understand our past better so we can move forward more powerfully." Dr. Jack Trieber, North Valley Baptist Church, Golden State Baptist College, Santa Clara, California

"Every Baptist should read the book, every Baptist pastor should read the book…it should be required reading in every Baptist college." Evangelist Don Edwards, Editor, the Flaming Torch

"I have received your book and have had difficulty putting it down. It is an absolute help to me. Almost every message I preach brings in an element of history. My people love it." Dr. Michael T. George, Gibbon Glade, PA.

"America in Crimson Red is the long needed assessment of the incredible contribution of Baptists in America. The book is a riveting account of some of the most courageous men and women who ever lived." Paige Patterson, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas.

This 607 page hardback book comes with a beautiful color dust jacket. 240 index sources. 964 endnotes. 11 portrait illustrations. Extensive source of illustrative stories.

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