Sacred Betrayal

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Sacred Betrayal (The Coming Destruction of the Baptist People): A Briefing for Parents and Leaders The little black book that everyone is talking about. This is on back order for a few weeks.
Who would say such things?...

"The not burning of the Samaritans doth prove nothing for the immunity of hereticks from the sword."

"The human rights idea has been cried up for an alternative to Divine law as the basis and foundation of government ever since the Declaration of Rights of Virginia in 1776. It is a foundation of sand."

"Some call it ‘religious liberty,’ others call it ‘liberty of conscience,’ I call it trouble."

"The word of God as it is in every man’s conscience [is] no rule of Reformation in the Covenant."

"Baptist history, theology and sociology spell failure. The system at root centers around man. For that reason the American Baptist paradigm will go the way of man—death."

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